Afraid you’ve been missing out on some good stuff? Annual Enrollment is your big chance to squash those FOMO feelings. Now’s the time to explore all that Lenovo offers and enroll in the benefits that make the most sense for you—and then you have a whole year to enjoy all those amazing resources!

Unless you have a major life change in 2020 (like getting married or having a baby), Annual Enrollment is your ONE opportunity to make changes to certain benefits, like your medical, dental, and vision insurance. What are you waiting for?

Lenovo is all about your well-being. While you’re selecting the big benefits, like medical and life insurance, be sure to spend some time exploring all the other health, lifestyle support, and financial security plans and programs available to you, so you don’t miss out on a thing.

Are You In? Good!

Ask Yourself These Four Questions to Get the Most Out of Annual Enrollment:

  1. How are your current benefits working for you? Review your current medical, dental, vision, life insurance, critical illness, and legal insurance to make sure you’re in the right mix of benefits at the right cost.
  2. Want to save money and get money? Consider switching to the Lenovo Health Saver Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA). It costs less, and Lenovo even funds your HSA. The HSA comes with some pretty amazing perks, like three ways to save on taxes, and you can invest your balance for even greater savings potential! 
  3. Want to get in on even more savings? Revisit your Health Care Spending (HCSA), Dependent Care Spending (DCSA), and Health Savings (HSA) Accounts. Contribution amounts will not carry over into 2020, and savings limits are increasing for the HCSA and HSA.
  4. Want to make changes to your benefits or save money in the HCSA, DCSA, or HSA? Enroll by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on October 29, 2019!

If you don’t enroll, you’ll have the same or similar coverage in 2020 as you do today, but at 2020 costs. And none of your current HSA, HCSA, or DCSA elections will carry over.

What’s New and Changing for 2020

2020 Monthly Paycheck Contributions

Health care costs are on the rise nationally, and Lenovo’s costs are rising too. Lenovo will absorb a portion of these additional costs, but your monthly cost for medical coverage will increase slightly for all plans except for employee-only coverage for the Lenovo Health Saver Plan. Employee-only coverage for Dental Basic remains free. There is no change to your cost for vision insurance.

Here are your 2020 monthly medical costs.

Plan Employee Only Employee +
Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren) Employee + Family
Lenovo Health Saver $15 $156 $130 $238
PPO $98 $207 $198 $314
EPO $148 $391 $292 $622
Kaiser (Northern CA) $124 $272 $259 $418
Kaiser (Southern CA) $111 $248 $235 $381

New Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Express Scripts will replace CVS Caremark as the benefit administrator on January 1, 2020. Most people won’t notice much of a change. Chances are you can keep using your current pharmacy, including CVS pharmacies. Express Scripts has a similar formulary, meaning it covers most of the same prescription drugs as CVS Caremark. However, there will be some differences. Find a network pharmacy near you and view covered and excluded medications on the Express Scripts website

New ID cards: In late 2019, you (and each covered family member) will get a combined medical and prescription ID card. Be sure to show your new ID card at the doctor’s office and pharmacy, beginning January 1, 2020.

Mail order and specialty medication prescriptions: Most current mail order and specialty prescriptions will automatically transfer to the Express Scripts mail order service and specialty pharmacy. After Annual Enrollment, you’ll receive more information from Express Scripts about setting up a profile to ensure a smooth transition.

Current exceptions honored: If you have active prior authorizations (e.g., for a brand-name drug instead of a generic), they’ll be transferred and remain active until the prior authorization’s expiration date.

Get in on Supplemental Life Insurance With No Questions Asked

If you’re not currently enrolled in supplemental life coverage for yourself, now’s the time to get that extra protection. During this Annual Enrollment only, you can enroll for coverage of 1x your eligible comp, up to $500,000, without providing evidence of insurability (EOI). That’s a lot of peace of mind without any hassle! If you’re already enrolled in supplemental life coverage, increase your coverage amount an additional 1x without providing EOI. This offer is for you only. It doesn’t include supplemental coverage for your spouse/domestic partner or children. Learn more about planning for your family’s financial future and calculating how much life insurance you need.

Cigna Health Coaching Team

If you’re in a Cigna medical plan, you’ll have access to all the personalized health care support you could want. The Cigna Health Coaching program connects you with a coach who can:

  • Help you get answers to your health questions by talking to your doctors for you
  • Prepare you for your doctors’ appointments, so you’ll know what to ask and what’s important to tell your doctor
  • Answer your benefit questions
  • Provide information on your condition and treatment options
  • Tell you about home health and other services offered in your community
  • Share ways to save money on prescription drugs
  • Tell you about useful health information and services included in your plan

Learn more.

Hello Heart Pilot Program Expanding

Last year we introduced Hello Heart—a smartphone solution to help you improve your heart health and manage hypertension—as a pilot program available to a set number of employees. The program has been so popular that we’re making it available to all employees, starting January 1, 2020.

Moto Fitness Center Reimbursement Program Ends December 31, 2019

To better align the benefit offerings for all Lenovo U.S. employees, we’ll be discontinuing the Moto Fitness Center Reimbursement Program—which reimburses you up to $240 each calendar year for your fitness center membership fees—as of December 31, 2019. Chicago employees will still have access to the River North Gym, Cigna members can get discounts on gym memberships through Cigna's Active&FitTM program, and all employees will continue to have access to free health coaching. If you’re a Moto employee, be sure to submit your reimbursement requests for expenses incurred in 2019 by April 30, 2020.

Save Even More in 2020

You can save up to $3,550 (single) and $7,100 (family) in the HSA next year. That’s $50 and $100 more than you could save in 2019.

Learn more.

Not Sure Which Plan Is Right for You?


Compare the Nuts and Bolts

Visit Benefitsolver, and click the “Compare” icon to see how different plans stack up against each other. And don’t miss the MyChoice Benefits Decision Support tool that makes it easy to choose the right plan for you. Just answer a few questions, and get an instant recommendation.


Find 24/7 support through Sofia, your virtual benefits assistant.

Visit Benefitsolver, and look for “Live Chat” on the top right of the webpage as you begin the enrollment process.

Speak to a live rep, available daily during Annual Enrollment (weekends, too)!
Phone: 1-844-319-3412
October 14–29: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. Eastern Time; and Saturdays, October 19 and 26: 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Eastern Time.

PPO, EPO, HSA…What, You Say?

Call Cigna at 1-888-806-5042 to get help deciding which medical plan is the best fit, or try our side-by-side comparison tool to compare plans and find the cost and coverage that’s right for you.

Already enrolled in a Cigna plan? Call One Guide at 1-800-244-6224.

Located in Morrisville? Email Earline Motley or call 1-919-740-2656 to schedule an appointment.


What If You Already Have Health Insurance?

Don’t want Lenovo medical plan coverage for 2020? Be sure to select "decline coverage" during Annual Enrollment. You’ll have to certify that you have coverage elsewhere, and you may have to provide proof of your other insurance. If both you and your spouse/domestic partner work for Lenovo, one of you may opt out while the other carries Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner or Family coverage. However, you can’t enroll in the Health Care Programs under your own coverage and also be covered as an eligible dependent under your spouse/domestic partner. In addition, your children may only be covered as a dependent under either you or your spouse/domestic partner, not under both.