Man with two many tennis ballsEating the broccoli. Taking the stairs. Setting aside the money for later. So much good-for-you stuff to do, so little time. How do you fit it all in and still have a life? We got you. These free resources can help turn your well-being M.O. from CYL to FTW.*


Thrive While Traveling

Healthy-eating tips

It can be hard to stick to a healthy diet while you’re traveling. EXOS has some great tips for choosing food at the airport and eating/cooking when you’re on the road.

On-the-go workouts

Keep feeling your best while you’re on the move by squeezing in some mini-workouts. Watch this video or review this tip sheet to get ideas for feeling the burn while you’re away from home. You can even borrow a travel bag filled with exercise gear from the Power UP Fitness Center. Stop by the Fitness Center or email

Medical assistance

If you need urgent or emergency medical care while you’re traveling outside the U.S., call Cigna at 1-866-763-8442. The service is available 24/7.


Fuel Your Body

Nutritional evaluations and counseling

If you’re covered by Cigna, you and your dependents can each get three free nutritional evaluations and six free nutritional counseling visits per year (and six free evaluations if you have a diabetic or mental health diagnosis).

Killer recipes and foodie tips

Cigna and EXOS both serve up tons of great healthy recipes and tips to tantalize your taste buds while you’re benefiting your body.


Perform at Your Best

Monthly newsletters

Make meal planning easier. Conquer your seasonal allergies. Get tips from pros on how to stay healthy and fit.


Invest in Yourself

Financial-tips webinars

Attend a Fidelity webinar for financial tips on managing life, saving and investing, and preparing for retirement.

Become-a-better-investor resources

Check out our new “Invest in Yourself” guide to learn what kind of investor you are and how to get the most from the investments in your 401(k).

You can also watch a short video about the target date funds offered in the 401(k) plan.


* In case you’re not up on the latest acronyms, that’s “catch you later” and “for the win.”